Degree in Business and Law but Still Going

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WITH A degree in business and law from UCD, Enda Kelly believed he would have no problem finding a job in Ireland.

But having been unemployed since he graduated last May, the 21-yearold from Donegal town is leaving for Australia on Friday in order to 'retain some semblance of self-esteem.' Enda, who has been looking for work in Dublin since he graduated, claimed: 'I'm leaving to go to Australia on Friday because I think my chances of finding a job there are better, although it may not be in my line of work.

'There is literally no point in staying here and being in long-term unemployment.

'At the moment I know everyone is hard-done by and I realise we all have to work harder for less money.

'But if I don't get to do something I'll go crazy because being on the dole is something I don't want to do.

'I graduated with what I thought was a pretty employable degree and half of my class aren't working or doing anything, so I'm leaving in order to retain some semblance of self-esteem. …