Yanks to Execute Killer Wife by Lethal Injection; No Mercy for Hitmen Hiring Granny

Article excerpt

Byline: Chris Musson

A GRAN who hired hitmen to murder her husband and stepson was due to be executed in the US state of Virginia this morning.

Teresa Lewis, 41, will be killed by lethal inject ion at Greensville Correctional Centre at 9pm local time - 2am in the UK.

Lewis pled guilty to paying two thugs to blast husband Julian and stepson Charles to death with shotguns in their beds at the fami ly's trailer home.

She hoped to collect a pounds 160,000 insurance payout on Charles. Julian had to die too so the cash would go to her.


The two hitmen were both spared the death penalty after the 2002 murders.

But there was no mercy for Lewis, described by the judge as "the head of the serpent".

Prosecutors said she lured the killers with cash, and by having sex with them.

Virginia's Republic an governor Bob McDonnell has refused to commute Lewis's sentence. He says she has admitted "heinous crimes."

But her lawyers say her intelligence is so low that she should be classed as mentally handicapped.

The US Supreme Court has told states not to execute killers with IQs of 70 or lower. Lewis has an IQ of 72 but McDonnell says there i s no medical evidence that she is retarded.

Lewis's supporters also claim she has changed in jail, turning to God and comforting other inmates by singing hymns. …