Doubling Up

Article excerpt

Byline: Marie Wilson

The number of computers dedicated to adult Internet use at the Helen Plum Memorial Library in Lombard will soon double in response to increasing demand, officials said.

Library officials set aside about $12,000 in their 2011-12 budget to buy 12 desktop computers and connect them to the Internet, Director Bob Harris said.

"They will be very appreciated. Our Internet terminals are almost always full," said Linda Schehl, the library's head of adult services. "In this economy, I think our usage has gone up on so many fronts -- it's needed."

The library averages 4,300 Internet use sessions a month, or 145 a day, said Julie Adamski, the library's systems support specialist. She estimates adult Internet use makes up 75 percent of those sessions.

Library card holders can spend two hours using one of 12 computers set aside for Internet use, Schehl said. Plum Library patrons often use the machines for job hunting.

"I just got laid off June 18 after 9 1/2 years," said Jamila Owens, who estimates she uses computers at the library about five times a month. "I hadn't even joined the library before and now I had to because I need other resources."

Owens, 36, of Lombard, said she used a computer and printer at the library Thursday to make finishing touches to a cover letter and print copies of her resume. …