Bond Girl Rachel Grant on Pinay Pride and Human Nature

Article excerpt

She's beautiful and intelligent- but why do dogs think she's good enough to eat?

At a recent press conference to launch 'Bond girl' and "Die Another Day" villainess (whose character name was Peaceful Fountains of Desire, no less), Rachel Grant as Human Nature's first-ever global ambassador, the half-Filipina, half-Brit shared an anecdote about using the brand's proudly Philippine-made products.

"My favorite is the sunflower oil because I use if for so many things-eye make-up remover, my hands, cuticle- I'm wearing it today," she exclaims, with the sweetest laugh.

"I have one complaint though," she says. "When I put the moisturizer on, my dog will lick it off! In fact, when I was in an elevator in New York, I just put on the product 'cause I was going out, and this dog comes up to me and starts licking me! So I know they're good enough to eat!"

While Human Nature's founders, Gandang Kalikasan president Anna Meloto-Wilk and creative director Camille Meloto-daughters of Gawad Kalinga founder, Tony Meloto-wouldn't advise customers to eat their products, Grant's story just puts a different spin on it.

Discovering Human Nature just last January when her aunt brought her to the Lagaspi Sunday Market, Grant says she is impressed with them especially when the shampoo she's used restored her hair from its "bad condition" resulting from her work. "I was like, 'This product is really good, and it comes from the Philippines!'"

Bonding with James Bond

Grant started her show business career doing TV shows in England, including her own show on the Sci-Fi channel. "I'm half Filipina, so I was able to stand out from the rest of the crowd- with all these white English girls. In my classroom, I was the only Asian girl- I was kind of classified as Asian. To me it's really been a blessing. I was a first-generation of half-Filipinos in England. I've always been very proud of my Filipino roots."

In fact, during the press con, she kept insisting that Filipinas are beautiful and that they should not desire to change how they look or the color of their skin. This sentiment was echoed by Gandang Kaliksan, Inc. VP, Dylan Wilk, who points to his wife Anna Meloto-Wilk when talking about Filipina beauty.

Grant's biggest break in Hollywood came by way of a brush with an international spy and notorious womanizer, James Bond. Sharing a story about then-Bond, Pierce Brosnan, she recalled him being a bit of a flirt on the set and getting the biggest surprise when he was able to tell that she had Filipina blood. Apparently, Brosnan thought there was "something else there" other than her British lineage, and could tell because he himself had some Filipino friends.

For Grant, the Bond movie "was kind of my little ticket that really put something on my resume that people would go, 'Wow! …