Kirk Is Complete Washington Insider

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Kirk is complete Washington insider

The government mailed me a nice surprise this week: a $250 check for reaching the 'doughnut hole' in my Medicare drug insurance. This is the hole in which I must pay 100 percent of my prescription costs since I've exhausted my drug insurance benefit payments for this year. The above check is from "Obamacare," the health care reform act passed by the Democratic majority in Congress.

Mark Kirk voted no, along with his Republican colleagues in the House and Senate, and wants to repeal the legislation. Giannoulias strongly supported the health care legislation. Actually, Kirk fibs when he calls himself an independent moderate, as he does in his TV ads; he is a complete Washington insider, a veteran of many years in the House, 10 as a Republican representative, and previously a staff employee for a Republican rep.

Kirk votes with his fellow Republicans more than 80 percent of the time, according to the Congressional Quarterly. This means Kirk voted for Republican sponsored corporate tax breaks for oil companies, for loopholes rewarding American companies for shipping jobs overseas, for borrowing money to fund two wars, effectively establishing large future deficits. He's even voted twice, in '09 and in 2010, against re-establishing pay-as-you-go budgeting in the House.

The final "nail" in Kirk's reputed moderate-ism? During his 10 congressional years, he voted to raise his own salary six times.

My choice for Illinois's new senator is easy: I'm voting for Alexi Giannoulias.

Judy Heyman

Highland Park

The alphabet of

Illinois politics

The Illinois Alphabet: Abuse, Blagojevich, Corruption, Deceit, Extortion, Fraud, Gerrymandering, Hinder, Influence, JJacksonJr, Kickbacks, Loafers, MMadigan, Nepotism, Obstruct, Payoff, Questionable, Ryan, Stroger, Trickery, Unethical, Vanity, Wrongdoing

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Kirk has the best

Senate qualifications

I will proudly be voting for Mark Kirk on Nov. 2 to be our next U.S. senator. Congressman Kirk has ably represented the 10th District for five terms. He is conservative on fiscal issues but more moderate on social issues, such as supporting stem cell research. He votes on what he believes is in the best interest of his constituents rather than just following party lines.

His most important credentials are his defense experience. He is a commander in the Naval Reserves. You don't make it to that high a rank without a good record of performance. As an intelligence officer, he understands deeply the threats the U.S. faces, especially by Islamist terrorism and efforts by Iran to become a nuclear power. As a military veteran myself, I appreciate this experience. Issues have been made about Congressman Kirk's exaggerating his military record, such as that he wasn't actually in Iraq during the first Gulf War. If you are on active duty during a war, you have served during that conflict, even if you weren't overseas on the front lines.

Compare that to Alexi Giannoulias, who never served in the military at all. He has no experience with and understanding of military issues. After listening to the debate last Sunday on NBC's Meet The Press, Giannoulias basically admitted he lent money to convicted mobsters by repeatedly answering David Gregory with "I didn't know the full extent of their activity." This is a far more troubling issue of character.

Finally, I am voting for Mark Kirk because there is probably no member of Congress who is a better friend of Israel. …