We Thought It Was over. We Were Thinking about What to Tell Everyone When We Got Back; JEDWARD THE OFFICIAL BIOGRAPHY

Article excerpt

THEY are the pop phenomenon who lost on the X Factor but went on to win the hearts of a nation: the identical twins who defied premature birth, school bullies, internet campaigns and even Simon Cowell to reach the top. Today the Irish Mail on Sunday brings you their amazing story, as told in their official biography Jedward: Our Story. And we start by bringing you back to the moment they feared they would be thrown out of the TV3 show without getting a chance to show what they could do - shattering their dreams of stardom before they had even begun...

AFTER watching the previous year's X Factor, the boys decided they would audition in 2009. Having seen the hopefuls go through to the live finals and get the thumbs-up from judges Simon Cowell, Dannii Minogue, Louis Walsh and Cheryl Cole, they were sure they had what it took to get through.

'Our granddad told us every year that we should go for it and then we just decided that we would,' says John. 'Our granddad was basically the main person who said, "You could do that" - and we did it.'

From day one, John and Edward had a plan - they were going to get noticed. Having studied the movements of celebrities and watched hours of the show, they knew that wallflowers and shrinking violets would never get any attention.

John recalls their very first audition, for the show's producers in London. Always early risers, the twins woke their father before 5am to secure their place in the queue. In fact, they were there so early that they found themselves near the very top - exactly as they had planned.

'Once we were there, we stood out from everyone else and started singing and dancing and getting noticed by the cameras because, otherwise, what's the point in going?' asks John. 'The camera crew all came over to us: they had scouted us, basi-cally. There was loads of people around us who did seem really good but we just wanted to stand out.'

And stand out they certainly did. Later, in the middle of preparing for their audition in front of the judges, this time in Glasgow, the twins found out that particular year's trials would be in front of a live audience for the first time. Simon Cowell had decided a shakeup was needed and decided to see how the contestants would perform in front of up to 5,000 people. Edward reckoned it could work to their advantage: 'I think we thought we could just go out there and entertain the audience from the start and if they liked us, then the judges would hear them cheer.'

The twins wore sharp navy blazers, school ties and their soon-to-be trademark boot runners. They were determined to make an entrance - and, as usual, they did. Immediately, they asked the crowd if they were 'ready to party'. From the off, the boys had the attention of every single person in the theatre. And, as if he can already see a vision of the future, Louis is shown smiling broadly and asking the twins who they are. Edward said: 'We're twins. I'm Edward.' John added: 'And I'm John. We're 17 and we're from Dublin.'

Witty Cheryl was quick to remark 'It's a yes from Louis', while Simon asked them why they were speaking in American accents. 'Look guys, you are from Ireland: be Irish, don't talk in an American accent,' he told them. Just two minutes after arriving on stage, the twins were already being subjected to the wrath of Cowell, the show's mastermind.

John drew more laughter from the crowd and the judges when Cheryl asked them where they saw themselves in 15 years' time and he said: 'Well, I see myself as being older.' John and Edward launched into the Backstreet Boys hit, As Long As You Love Me. The audience - and Louis - loved the performance but Simon dubbed it 'not very good and incredibly annoying'.

'Two of the most irritating people we have had out here in a long, long time,' he declared, while Cheryl added: 'There is something intriguing about you but I just don't know if it's in a good way. …