DEATH ESTATE; 120 Residents in Neighbourhood of 150 Families Killed by Cancer, Now People Demand Area Health Probe

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THIS is Ireland's Death Valley - the small estate where cancer has killed 120 people.

Liam Mellows Park in Wexford is home to just 150 families - and almost everyone has been touched by the disease.

And yesterday campaigners demanding a full scale probe into the cancer cluster insisted: Enough is enough.

Former Irish athlete Kevin Cogley is spearheading the investigation into the deadly problem after his neighbour became the latest victim last week.

A survey last year confirmed 54 deaths between 1994 to 2009 - but residents claimed the total figure, stretching beyond that timeframe, is 120.

Mr Cogley has pledged to get to the bottom of the problem after his next-door neighbour Patrick Kelly, 64, died recently.

He said: "He was the inspiration to get something done.

"He told me a few weeks ago that he had heard about the campaign and told me to 'keep it going'.

"His death is a real incentive to get to the bottom of this.

"Paddy was definitely the inspiration. When he got sick I thought something had to be done."

Mr Cogley is determined to have a full health survey of the small estate completed after his friend fell victim to the killer disease.

Mr Kelly, who died in Wexford General Hospital last week, had just returned home from a two-week holiday in Spain with his wife Phyllis in mid-September when he took ill. …