Christmas Show Draws on Iron Age Cheshire

Article excerpt

Byline: Laura Davis

NEW musical Forgotten Fortress will take the audience back in time to Iron Age Cheshire when it tours venues this Christmas.

Written by Helen Newall and composer and musical director Matthew Baker, the show draws on local history to create a tale full of mystery.

The hill forts along Cheshire's Sandstone Ridge have always been strange and almost forgotten places, but there are stories written in their landscapes, as William discovers on a frosty winter's night when he meets Bryth on the ancient earthworks that lies in the fields above the farm where he lives.

When they exchange their stories, they realise that the times in which they live, and the futures that lie ahead of each of them, will never be the same again.

"We have always been really inspired by our local communities," says Baker.

"Our last two Christmas shows have been about the memories of people living today - what we've done here is go much further back into Cheshire's past and draw on historic records and findings from excavations of iron age sites."

Careful research was vital to creating the script, adds Newall.

"I got so much from working alongside the archaeologists and volunteers at the sites on Eddisbury and Helsby Hills," she explains. …