Nelson, S. D.: Black Elk's Vision: A Lakota Story

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Nelson, S. D.

Black Elk's Vision: A Lakota Story

Abrams, 2010, pp48, 12.99 [pounds sterling]

978 0 8109 8399 1


Black Elk led an interesting life. Born in 1863 to the Lakota (Sioux) tribe--who were a feared, nomadic and warrior society--he witnessed the gradual decline of the Native American during his lifetime. The Wha-shi-choos (white men) conquered them by design and accident in what is now known as the 'Clash of Cultures'. The arrogant belief in Manifest Destiny meant that white men saw it as their right to take everything in their path. They slaughtered an estimated thirty million buffalo (essential to the way of life of the Native Americans), leaving fewer than one thousand. Unintentionally, they brought diseases to which the Indians possessed no immunity. Hundreds of thousands of Native Americans died from measles, smallpox and influenza. Faced with this situation, Black Elk joined Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, spending three years abroad touring Europe. …