NOW HE'S A REAL NOWHERE MAN; Beatles Home Tour Guide Forced out after Trust Sacking: EXCLUSIVE

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THE man who lived and worked in Sir Paul McCartney's childhood home for 11 years was sacked by the National Trust - after complaints his breath smelt of alcohol.

John Halliday has shown tens of thousands of visitors around 20, Forthlin Road, Allerton, the housewheremany early Beatles songs were written, since it first opened to the public in 1998.

Mr Halliday, 62, told the ECHO he was "absolutely distraught" after being fired from his job three weeks ago and losing an appeal this week. He said: "I've lost my house, I've lostmy job, and I'm in danger of losing my reputation."

Mr Halliday said he was sacked for alleged "gross misconduct" after the National Trust received complaints about his coughing, shaking hands and the smell of alcohol on his breath. The tour guide insisted: "I would never, ever, ever drink on duty."

He said the shaking in his hands was caused by Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, which he was diagnosed with 18 months ago, and he believes relates to his fear from a break-in three years ago.

Although he was out at the time, he said it left him scared the burglars would return. "People come there at 2 o'clock in the morning having their photos taken. I would hear voices outside and think they might break in again. I couldn't sleep."

Mr Halliday then developed asthma, which he said causes him to cough, bringing up the smell of his previous night's drin ks.

He claimed: "I have been dismissed because of a medical condition."

He said he cut down his drinking to two pints a night to try to stop the smell after people complained. He would drink on his days off, and he believes one of the complaints was from people who met him outside the house on those days. …