Filipino Values Month

Article excerpt

MANILA, Philippines - PRESIDENTIAL Proclamation No. 479 issued on October 7, 1994, declared the month of November every year as Filipino Values Month. The proclamation sought to create a moral awakening and national consciousness on human values that are unique, genuine, and positively Filipino; make the Filipino aware of his important role an responsibility in shaping his own destiny and that of his community and country; and highlight the practical uses of Filipino values in the people's daily life as citizens and make them realize the immense power that these values have in achieving their individual and national goals.

We Filipinos are known for the many values that we regard and safeguard.

Among these values are bayanihan (a spirit of voluntarily helping each other), hospitality, close family ties, regard for personal honor and dignity, respect for our elders, and loyalty to a friend or benefactor. Historical accounts cite our ancestor's industry, honesty, bravery, and fairness. Our heroes Dr. Jose P. Rizal, Gen. Emilio F. Aguinaldo, Andres Bonifacio, Apolinario M. Mabini, and many others sacrificed their lives to nurture these values, and struggled to rekindle and sustain them because they believed that these values are vital to the upliftment of the Filipino spirit and would help Filipinos preserve their dignity and freedom. …