Publishing Articles 'Smacks of Contempt for Judicial Process'

Article excerpt

IAN APPLETON'S lawyer has objected to the Cape Times' publication of articles about 10 men accusing the former Christian Brothers College (CBC) teacher of sexually molesting them while they were boys.

In a letter to the Cape Times, John Riley stated:

l The prosecutor in Ian Appleton's rape case, Rialda Jacobs, has denied statements attributed to her in the Cape Times article.

l The Director of Public Prosecutions media spokesperson also denied having any discussions of this nature with the reporter.

l The reporter caused untrue information to be published.

l The reporter was told the information was untested and he should exercise caution.

l We advised the reporter that the matter was sub judice.

l The allegations had not been placed before the court as yet.

l The prosecutor was in possession of the information and had not made a decision on whether or not she intended to rely on any of the information.

l Due to the nature of the evidence, the issue of relevance and admissibility would have to be determined by the court.

l The information in the article is highly prejudicial to our client and clearly impacts on the imposition an appropriate sentence.

l The publication of the article at this stage of the proceedings has resulted in an infringement of our client's rights to a fair trial. …