Concorde Cover-Up; LETTERS

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Concorde cover-up THE Concorde crash in 2000 didn't 'end the era of supersonic air travel' (Mail). British Airways spent millions of pounds on modifications and refurbishment of the aircraft to return it to service, but the World Trade Centre attacks affected air travel worldwide and was the major factor in withdrawing Concorde from service in 2003.

The French trial was sa cover-up: that Concorde was unfit to fly on that day for several reasons. It was overweight for take-off by about a ton due to extra luggage, and didn't burn off enough fuel during taxi to the runway (which was in poor condition).

Air France mechanics had been working on the port undercarriage and left a vital spacer out of the assembly, which meant that the undercarriage was crabbing to the left, placing undue loads and stresses on the left front inner tyre. This probably caused the tyre explosion, damaging the wing, allowing fuel to pour out. …