What Can Improve My Life? A Zimmer Frame; THE FIVE MINUTE CHAT: Colwyn Bay's Favourite Son Terry Jones and Fellow Python Terry Gilliam Discuss the Online 'The Ministry of Silly Games'

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WRITERS, actors and directors Terry Jones, 68, and Terry Gilliam, 70, have been responsible for some of the best loved films of the past few decades.

Their work includes Monty Python And The Holy Grail and The Meaning Of Life - much of which has inspired upcoming online attraction The Ministry Of Silly Games.

For more information, visit www.ministryofsillygames.com Q I love Facebook, video games and Monty Python so I'm sold, but why should others play the ministry of silly games? A Terry Jones: Aha, a trick question. To make us rich. Also we hope that a lot of young people will not be able to stop playing the games. And I'm going to pay off my mortgage.

Q Do you use social networking sites? A Terry Jones: We're innocent of Facebook, Twitter and all that.

Terry Gilliam: It's controlling the universe now. Do you understand that? Q Absolutely. Which is your favourite of the silly games? Terry Jones: I think my favourite game is Twit Of The Year. Russian Roulette without the personal damage - it's brilliant: A great game.

Terry Gilliam: I like the game where you get to dress up and wander around, but what I didn't see was a choice of underwear.

Q Do you play games on Xbox or other platforms? A Terry Jones: I don't quite understand them (laughs). It's a constant struggle life and very absorbing and very interesting. People should try it some time.

Terry Gilliam: I actually find life is the big game. The others are distractions from the real one. It's very virtual - you can touch things in real life. I can milk cows in real life.

Terry Jones: He doesn't really milk cows.

Q Terry Jones, legendary food lover Mr Creosote features in the new games. …