Hotel Guests Forget Gold Dentures and Adult Baby Outfits

Article excerpt

FANCY dress sheep costumes, an adult baby outfit and gold dentures are just some of the unusual things forgetful guests have left at hotels across Wales in the last year.

Travelodge has revealed some of the more bizarre things that visitors have managed to leave behind.

In their Bridgend hotel, staff were surprised to find one guest had managed to forget a set of solid gold dentures in one of their pounds 45-a-night rooms, which they said were worth around pounds 6,500.

False teeth and artificial limbs made the top seven most forgotten items, just one spot ahead of "adult toys". The most common items left in Travelodge hotel rooms were smartphones, teddies and laptops.

Hotel staff also recently recovered an engagement ring left behind by one couple in a hurry.

But perhaps the oddest booty in the hotel chain's ever-growing lost-and-found office was an adult baby outfit complete with giant-sized nappy, which has not yet been claimed by its owner.

Books are the fifth most forgotten item, with the most common abandoned book being Simon Cowell's The Unauthorised Autobiography. Cardiff came out top for the highest number of people forgetting it. …