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Gunfire erupts in Ivory Coast:

ABIDJAN, Ivory Coast -- Forces loyal to Laurent Gbagbo, who refuses to cede power, opened fire Tuesday, killing at least one person, as military chiefs from neighboring nations met to plan possible armed intervention to depose him. The shooting broke out in an area where most residents voted for the opposition leader.

Brazil survivors finally helped:

TERESOPOLIS, Brazil -- The call for help was visible from the helicopter: SOS, carved into the lawn of an upscale home. People waved and jumped, desperate for help after being stranded for six days by mudslides that obliterated entire communities outside Rio de Janeiro, killing at least 700 people and leaving nearly 14,000 homeless.

Iraq suicide bombing kills 52:

BAGHDAD -- A suicide bomber killed 52 people in a crowd of police recruits in Saddam Hussein's hometown Tuesday, shattering a two-month lull in major attacks and spurring calls to keep the U.S. military in Iraq beyond 2011. It was the second time in three days efforts to bolster Iraqi police and army soldiers have backfired.

Iran wants cooperation:

UNITED NATIONS -- Iran's U.N. envoy said Tuesday the most important thing world powers can do at upcoming talks in Istanbul is recognize his country as major player with "nuclear capability" that is ready to cooperate on major issues including nonproliferation.Ambassador Mohammad Khazaee warned Iran will never respond to pressure.

Vatican warned bishops:

DUBLIN -- A 1997 letter from the Vatican warned Ireland's Catholic bishops not to report all suspected child-abuse cases to police, a disclosure that victims' groups described as "the smoking gun" needed to show that the church enforced a worldwide culture of covering up crimes by pedophile priests.

Tunisian ministers quit:

TUNIS, Tunisia -- At least four opposition ministers quit Tunisia's day-old unity government Tuesday, aligning themselves with demonstrators who insist democratic change is impossible while so many supporters of the freshly ousted president are hoarding posts of power. Violent clashes between protesters and security continued.

State dinner for China today:

WASHINGTON Feeling snubbed, slighted even, when he visited five years ago, Chinese President Hu Jintao is getting a do-over -- plus the White House state dinner he sought back then but was denied. …