Demand Fuelling Steady Rise in Rents; Property Matters with MARTIN ROBERTS

Article excerpt


Martin Roberts, television property expert, author and presenter of Homes under the Hammer, offers advice and guidance on all things property related. He continues his look at what the new year spells for property.

If you are a tenant: In London the demand for quality rental property outstrips supply and tenants are being "gazumped" as landlords are wooed by offers up to 10% more than the advertised rent. Across the country there has been a steady rise in rents - fuelled by demand from people that can't get a mortgage and folks that can't sell their house, but have to move. Landlords in some areas can now cherry pick their tenants, so you need to make sure that you have a faultless track record for payment, offer financial guarantees and be the "ideal tenant". If you are in a really soughtafter area, you may have to find two months rent as deposit to secure a home.

If you are a landlord: While many landlords sold up in the wake of the credit crunch amid fears of a house-price crash, the strong demand for rental property may entice them back. The impact of the Government Spending Review and cuts to benefits will mean more poorer families unable to buy their own home and looking to rent. …