Masons Lifting Veil of Secrecy for Weddings; City Lodge Will Open Doors to Dispel Freemasonry Myths

Article excerpt


A SECRET society is throwing open its doors so members of the public can glimpse the age-old mysteries of their organisation.

The Masonic Hall, on Hope Street, normally serves as a meeting place for groups of Freemasons, to hold ceremonies, dine and socialise.

The organisation is renowned for private rituals, but Sam Robinson, who meets at the hall regularly, said Freemasonry was opening up and bringing itself into the 21st century.

He said: "We held an open day last year and gave people tours of the building. A lot of people thought they weren't allowed in a hall, but they came and saw what we had to offer."

The Grade II listed building, described as "a hidden gem" by Mr Robinson, contains dozens of rooms of various sizes.

Mr Robinson said the image of Freemasonry as being about funny handshakes and cosy business deals was something the organisation was keen to shake off. …