Weekly Bin Collections Are a Waste of Money; Fortnightly Black Bag Collections Are the Best Way to Increase Recycling, Writes Rachel Jowitt, Head of Waste Awareness Wales: Recycling

Article excerpt

Byline: Rachel Jowitt

More than half the councils in Wales collect black bag waste every two weeks. We're yet to experience a plague of rats or see everyone wearing masks to cope with the smell.

But that's what will happen if the rest of the councils follow suit according to some sceptics.

This is, frankly, rubbish. What's more, it's a call to waste taxpayers' cash. As long as food and recycling are collected every week there's no need for weekly collections of black bag waste.

I agree that weekly food waste collections make sense, as do weekly recycling collections.

Together they mean that most rubbish is collected every week so only a small amount of dry residual waste - waste which will not create smells or attract vermin - remains.

Do we really want our councils to waste money collecting half-empty residual waste bins every week? What's more, fortnightly collections of residual waste combined with weekly collections of recycling and food are the best way to increase recycling. …