Gray Area over Sexism; Loose Women Are the Worst Culprits

Article excerpt

DID anyone watch that vile display of sexism on the TV the other day? Despicable wasn't it? And the Andy Gray scenario was a bit dodge too. But then again, THAT was off camera so nothing to get too wound up about, right? Lets concentrate for now on the real sexist outrage - and the cameras were well and truly rolling during this. Funnily enough though, you probably haven't read about this one.

Four middle-aged, prime-time female presenters excitedly blushed as pop singer Enrique Iglesias joined them on the Loose Women set.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not the Latino heart-throb's biggest fan.

But even your cynical showbiz guru has to give a nod to his millions of worldwide record sales, chart-topping hits, sell-out tours and, not to forget, the influence of his infinitely more talented crooner dad.

Apparently, the panel on ITV's Loose Women weren't aware of such mundane facts. Because when Enrique settled himself down, braced for a barrage of tricky questions, one of the presenters pipped up: "We don't actually have anything to ask you. We just want to look at you."

What? Just want to look at you? …