Doyle Wants Cup Run to Ignite Season

Article excerpt

Byline: Darragh Murphy

HE MAY fantasise about playing for Real Madrid, but Kevin Doyle says a Wolves FA Cup run will do for now.

The Ireland striker, 27, is desperate for cup action as a distraction to the drugdery of fighting for Premier League survival - and wants to play what would be only his third FA Cup game in 212 appearances in England against Stoke today in their fourth-round clash.

'I played in the Doncaster tie [a fortnight ago], and I started once before in the cup for Reading but that's all.

'We don't have European games to tire us out so we'll concentrate on the league.

'But a bit of a cup run would be exciting - it can take your mind off maybe going into a relegation battle every game,' added Doyle, who has scored just twice in the league this term.

'We've seen Cardiff get to the final, seen Portsmouth get there, so why can't we? We're not going to win the league, we could get to a final. It'd be a bit of a buzz, give us a bit of confidence. If we get through this round, you might start thinking "Jesus, we're not that far away from the semi-final.

'Doncaster in the cup was great, it was nice to play that kind of game for once. …