Cowen to Call It a Day If Wife Says So Callely Asks: 'What'll I Do Now?'

Article excerpt

Taoiseach Brian cowen will decide whether he will contest the general election after having a heart-to-heart chat with his wife, Mary, this weekend.

speaking at a comhairle na nOg gathering in his constituency yesterday, Mr cowen said that although he has spoken to political confidants, he has not yet had the chance to discuss the matter with his family.

he resigned as party leader after having a similar discussion with his wife and there is growing speculation that Mr cowen will not stand as a candidate in his constituency of Laois-offaly.

he said: 'Believe it or not, i haven't yet been able to sit down with most important person. i'll be doing that later on today or tomorrow.

'i will make my decision in good time and people will know what the situation is before they go to the [selection] convention.' Party workers in the constituency believe Mr cowen is likely to step aside and that his younger brother, Barry, an auctioneer, will stand. …