In Adoption, the Child's Welfare Is All-Important; Letters

Article excerpt

How good to see Martin Narey speaking out against the scandalous political correctness that still grips the adoption services of some local authorities).

There is little recent evidence that mixed-race adoptions fare less well than same-race, yet the British Association for Adoption and Fostering, the umbrella organisation for adoption, resolutely sticks to its insistence on same-race matching.

As the Caucasian mother of an ethnically Chinese daughter, now 14, I'd say while there might be problems for a child who doesn't look the same as his or her parents, these are far less severe than those caused by growing up in an institution or series of foster homes in a state of continual uncertainty.

one reason why the number of adoptions is falling is that would-be parents who want to adopt a young child of a different race are 'counselled out' by social workers at a very early stage.

Let's hope Mr Narey's successor continues to fight for reform of a shameful system that cares less for the welfare of the children it purports to protect than ideology of the adoption establishment. …