Dist. 57's Standards Not High Enough

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Dist. 57's standards not high enough

To the editor: The District 57 homepage states that "District 57 provides over 2,000 prekindergarten through eighth-graders in the area of Mount Prospect, Illinois, with the knowledge, skills and attitude needed to succeed."

But succeed against what standard? My wife and I have had to supplement greatly and occasionally undo some of D57's provisions with our kids. Our definition of success goes beyond memorization of facts, standardized test scores and a percent of completed homework. My career has taken me around the world and I've seen what our kids will be up against in India and Pacific regions.

My daughter will not be competing against your child as much as she will be competing against someone halfway across the world. Do you really think D57 will prepare your son or daughter with the knowledge, skills and attitude needed to succeed against someone from Japan or China?

We're talking about eliminating an art program and possibly increasing class size -- we should be discussing a complete overhaul. The truly distressing fact is that educated, motivated parents willing to volunteer their time teaching second languages, art, philosophy and music ... can't, because the inherent bureaucracy and protectionism in D57 drives us to a completely different place.

The kids and parents of D57 are being held hostage by an inept school board with limited ideas and the schools are supported by irresolute PTAs. The questionnaire sent out weeks ago should have been a packet of resignations.

Joseph Plata

Mount Prospect

Mulligan too ill to cast crucial vote?

To the editor: One of the most important votes in the last (session) for the state of Illinois and Rosemary Mulligan was ill and not able to attend the session.

How ill was she? I have gone to work ill lots of times because I have to support my family. I am sick at what happened to the working class of Illinois. Our families are struggling to survive in this economy and they increase taxes to pay for the perk programs of the last several years. Where is responsible spending?

Notice the bill only has tax increases, not cutbacks in government programs or perks for government employees of the state. These middle of night snafus by the Democrats before the new (legislature) was sworn in is further evidence, we must keep cleaning house.

Believe me, I will not be too ill to vote in the next election!

Mary Peglow

Des Plaines

A big salute for K of C good deeds

To the editor: My name is Chris Beiersdorf and I am writing this because I want to give a special thanks to the Knights of Columbus of Arlington Heights.

They do so much for the community from helping the mentally handicapped and hosting a dinner dance for them each year, to helping wounded service members with an organization called Salute. Salute is run by my parents, Will and Mary Beth Beiersdorf, and it's an organization that helps injured military members and their families.

The Knights of Columbus are very generous to Salute, and also to Clearbrook. Clearbrook helps handicapped and mentally challenged individuals, and the Knights of Columbus host two dinner dances for the Clearbrook residents each year. The dinner dances give them a chance to get out and have some fun.

I am proud of the Knights of Columbus for all they do for our community and those who need help.

Christopher R. Beiersdorf

Arlington Heights

Kids have to learn to handle weapons

To the editor: I read that Mount Prospect is putting a ban on everything that has either a trigger or a bowstring on your own property. This is because a good, conscientious citizen asked permission to shoot arrows at a target in his own back yard.

In addition to targeting crossbows, the definition of dangerous weapons includes bows and arrows, slingshots, air guns, BB guns, paint ball guns, pellet guns and spring guns. …