Taurasi: No Way I've Ever Taken Anything

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Byline: Associated Press

Former UConn women's basketball star Diana Taurasi is adamant: No matter what the test results showed, she never used performance-enhancing drugs.

"There's no way I've ever taken anything," she told The Associated Press by telephone Sunday night from her parents' home in Chino, Calif.

In her first interview since testing positive in December for the stimulant modafinil, Taurasi and her lawyer blamed the Turkish lab where the sample was analyzed.

Taurasi is regarded by many as one of the best women's players in the world. She was the first prominent WNBA player to test positive for a banned substance.

Taurasi said she intends to return to the WNBA when the season begins in June. The Phoenix guard has led the league in scoring the last four seasons and signed a multiyear extension with the Mercury last August.

The 28-year-old also plans to play for the U. …