Glorious Gloria Vetoes Voter

Article excerpt

Dapper Jeremy Browne, the Leslie Phillips of the Foreign Office, isn't letting the Daily Telegraph's undercover sting on the Lib Dems come between him and the paper. Quite the reverse, in fact. The Tory-lite party has asked the Press Complaints Commission to investigate two young female reporters posing as constituents who secretly taped ministers including Vince "I've a Nuclear Weapon in My Pocket" Cable. Browne emerged relatively unscathed, describing David Cameron's European allies as merely "quite nutty". He now wishes to pursue his own inquiries, so he asked a Torygraph bigwig to arrange a lunch with the honey pot hackettes. Ding dong!

Political apartheid in the members' dining room. Parties occupy separate tables but a group of fresh-faced Labour recruits, the London MPs Heidi Alexander and Teresa Pearce among them, gingerly sat outside their comfort zone for an evening with Tessa Jowell when informed that Northern Ireland MPs were away. They should've remembered the peers. Up rolled a ruddy-cheeked Ulsterman who, in best Daddy Bear tradition, demanded to know who was sitting in his seat. Briefly placated, the bashless baron loudly took credit for the Good Friday Agreement. When he asked a black waiter, "Which country are you from?" the MPs had heard enough and moved.

Fresh BBC mumblings over the banker's bonus-sized ambition of the business whizz Robert Ah-Er-Um Peston, who'd like to succeed Nick Robinson as political editor. …