Funds Could Be Diverted from Causes; VIEWPOINTS

Article excerpt

WHEREAS I applaud Justina Simpson and Jayne Sullivan in their "demands" for better cancer care, I am concerned that their personas will attract a disproportionate amount of media coverage compared to other specialities ("Duo in cancer care demand", Echo, February 5).

This will inevitably mean that, as with the campaign for Herceptin, gaining more funds will be diverted away from other equally (if not more) life-threatening illnesses.

For instance coronary heart disease takes more women's lives every year than all female cancers added together.

While the British Heart Foundation does a wonderful job of raising awareness, there is less focus and less funding directed to this most avaricious taker of lives in Wales.

For years, we have heard the declarations from our Government that its three top priorities are cancer, coronary heart disease and mental health, yet the Government is failing to address the prevention of these and other killers.

Moving down the list, we have blood cancers, lung cancer, bowel cancer, prostate cancer and melanomas - all of which are equally indiscriminate killers that cry out for media attention in order to raise awareness and, by so doing, focus on the attention of ALL these diseases and not just breast cancer. …