Counting the Hours in Libya

Article excerpt

MANILA, Philippines - There's no time frame yet predicting the fall or flight of Libya's Khadafy. Mubarak left for his Nile palace 18 days after the start of uprising in Cairo.

$15-M 'house'

This week, CNN showed a feature about the lifestyle of Sheif, Khadafy's son, 46. We saw only one of his grand mansions that was built for $15M. There's no video frame of his resort mansion on St. Bart's island. One bash on this island was one of the most lavish and sinful, and one news report described Sheif as a lover of good music/concert. He reportedly paid Mariah Carey $1M for four songs.

92 percent desert

Libya has a population of 6.4M and its land area of 680,000 sq.m. and its semidesert and desert regions cover 92 percent of the land. Its type of government is called Islamic Arabic Socialist "Mass State." Its desert has crude oil reserves of 41.5 billion barrels. Since 1969, a form of military dictatorship has ruled Libya.

Green book

Khadafy has authored a "green book" which is compulsory reading for all Libyans. Last week, in Tripoli and Benghazi, tens of thousands of protesters were shown on TV tearing or slicing the green book to show their contempt. It was a scene from our country in August, 1896, when Bonifacio and his fellow Katipuneros tore into small pieces the cedula that symbolized a regime ruled by the Spanish army and the friars.


Libya's ambassador to the UN is a childhood friend of the Colonel who was called "delusional" by Susan Rice, US ambassador to the UN. The Libyan envoy's appeal to the US General Assembly moved him to tears, as it did his colleagues from the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe.

More sanctions

The UN and US sanctions against Libya have no precedents in recent years. Measures short of military action were unanimously approved by the Security Council. One of the sanctions was to charge the Colonel with crimes against humanity before the International Court of Justice.

Longest assignment

Witnesses/resource persons before the Senate have described financial scandals in the AFP where the resident CoA auditor found a near permanent assignment of 13 years, in mockery of a major policy permitting a stay of not more than three years in any government agency. …