My Favorite Mistake: James Carville

Article excerpt

Byline: James Carville

James Carville on the book--and the fearless prediction--that bombed.

All right, maybe my timing was a little off.

I know a bit about selling books, and you need a good title--a catchy concoction with a little Cajun spice, something that will make folks stop in the aisles, turn away from the Grisham novels and the latest crazy diet fad, and pick up your masterpiece.

So when Barack Obama seemed headed for the White House and my party was riding high, I conjured up this one: 40 More Years: How the Democrats Will Rule the Next Generation.

Yeah, I know.

Lots of people have had fun throwing it back at me since the book came out in the spring of 2009. My reliably Republican wife, Mary Matalin, has gotten off a couple of zingers. But I don't believe in hedging my bets.

Forty is a play on the "four more years" chant of many incumbent campaigns. I haven't given up the thesis; still got 38 years to go. But the early returns from the precincts aren't very good.

It's not a whole lot of fun hanging out there with that title. Kind of like James Glassman writing Dow 36,000 just before the dotcom crash.

Now don't judge me by the cover alone. I made the argument that every growing demographic in this country--nonwhite voters, younger people--is trending Democratic. …