Perfect Peru!

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There are few places on earth where the rise and fall of civilisations, the combined grandeur of the man-made and natural worlds and the closely woven history of indigenous and colonial fortunes can be found so widely as in Latin America.

This sweeping region is united by common language and tradition, but it is the abundance of colour and the warmth of its people that the modern-day eplorer will nd truly universal. eru is a perfect example of where you can experience this Arst hand [sup.2] and with Travelsphere it will be a journey of discovery replete with the brightest of cultural highlights.

With so many tantalising sights to check off your wish list, strap on a backpack and you'll need to block out your calendar for months. Embark on a guided tour such as Travelsphere's -day eru' itinerary and you can have your head in the clouds at achu icchu, set foot on the peaceful shores of Lake Titicaca and soar over the millennia-old Nazca Lines, all in the space of just over two weeks.

A guided tour is free from the stress that comes with organising such a comprehensive holiday, allowing you to relax in the knowledge that most of your travel expenses have already been paid for.

ou can also feel conAdent that you are with tour guides who speak the language and make sure you see the best of the destination. And in eru, there is little shortage of things to see.

Visit the capital city of Lima and you'll soon understand why it was called the City of Kings, as you wander through elegant squares and admire the elaborate palaces and mansions.

The grandiosity reaches its apogee in the laza ajor, the historic heart of the city, as the Cathedral, Archbishop's alace and residential alace all take their place in a panorama of impressive architecture.

While centuries of colonial rule are manifest everywhere, eru's draw card is undisputedly its Inca past. This can be found Arst in Cuzco, a high-altitude city and the capital of the Incas, whose stones hewn long ago were used quite literally as a foundation for the Spanish people's own empire. The remaining Inca architecture gives a glimpse of what must have been a glorious city.

If this fails to sate an appetite for the country's colourful backstory, eru's most famous sight, the 'lost city' of Machu icchu, can be reached from Cuzco, where you'll acclimatise. Shrouded in both mist and mystery, perched thousands of feet high on a mountain top, the citadel this year celebrates a century since its 'rediscovery' by American explorer Hiram Bingham.

Wander through the ruins of houses, temples and terraces that still manage to reign supreme over the thick tapestry of jungle lining the Urubamba Valley. …