Serbian Immigration, Settlement, and Ethnicity: A Bibliography of Newspaper Articles, Part 2

Article excerpt

This bibliography focuses on newspaper articles published in the English language that deal with various aspects of immigration, settlement, and ethnicity within different Serbian communities located in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. Also included are newspaper articles written in French and Spanish, respectively about Serbian communities in Quebec and South America, specifically Argentina and Chile. Articles about other South Slavic ethnic groups and regional identities are included only if their contents provide relevant and substantial information about Serbs. Opinion and editorial items are excluded along with sports features.

Entries from leading daily metropolitan newspapers are arranged in alphabetical order by federal unit (i.e., state, province, or territory) and then by newspaper name. The city of publication and temporal coverage are specified in parentheses following the newspaper name. Although the time span is limited to articles published up to and including 1999, variation in temporal coverage among sources (i.e., published indices and searchable online archives) prevents the compilation of an exhaustive and inclusive bibliography. Nonetheless, this collection of newspaper articles is relatively comprehensive in its spatial and temporal coverage. Full bibliographic details are provided whenever possible.

British Newspaper Articles


Oxford Mail (Oxford) (1998-99)

"I Will Not Serve Again Until Bombing of Serbia Stops." Oxford Mail, 27 March 1999.

Telegraph and Argus (Bradford) (1999)

"It's Christmas Day for Us!" Telegraph and Argus, 8 January 1999.

"'We Fell Utter Pain' After Night of Strikes." Telegraph and Argus, 25 March 1999.

The Guardian (Manchester) (1991-99)

Griffiths, Katherine and Martin Wainright. "Change of Status from Ally to Bully Dismays Serbs Living in Britain." The Guardian, 26 March 1999.

Pick, Hella, David Cesarini, and Martin Wollacott. "Exiling Our Empathy." The Guardian, 18 November 1992, 11.

Thorne, Martin. "Yugoslavs Step Up Anti-War Protests." The Guardian, 2 April 1999.

Traynor, Ian. "Half-way to Nowhere." The Guardian, 31 July 1992, 21, 23.

The Independent (London) (1991-1999)

Baker, Tony. "The Escape Road." The Independent, 29 November 1992, 3-5.

Cohen, David. "My Wife, My Friend, My Enemies: War in Yugoslavia is Destroying Friendships and Marriages Between Serbs and Croats Living in Britain." The Independent, 31 October 1991, 22.

The Observer (London) (1991-99)

Bailey, Martin. "Nightmare of Vesna, with Loved Ones on Both Sides." The Observer, 16 August 1992, 14.

Sweeney, John. "Serbian Rambo a Petty Criminal Down Under." The Observer, 11 August 1991, 9.

The Telegraph (London) (1999)

Russell, Alec. "Agony of British Mother with Serb Son." The Telegraph, 21 April 1999.

The Times and Sunday Times (London) (1996-99)

"Aid for Yugoslav Immigrants." The Times, 18 December 1968, 6.

"Ethnic Rallies." The Times, 1 July 1991, 8.

"Exiles in Britain: Flourishing Slav Settlement in Our Midst." The Times, 20 June 1953.

"First Church for Serbs in Britain." The Times, 7 September 1965, 10.

Henderson, Mark and Alex O'Connell. "Exiles Support Belgrade Right to Keep Kosovo." The Times, 25 March 1999.

"Immigrants Fear Terror Attacks." The Times, 16 August 1965, 6.

"Immigration Pact." The Times, 16 December 1969, 8.

Jenkins, Lin. "Yugoslav Teenager Seeks Asylum." The Times, 17 July 1992, 3.

"Judo Defectors." The Times, 9 November 1984, 6.

"Jugoslav Society of Great Britain." The Times, 10 April 1930, 18.

"Kosovo Day in London." The Times, 27 June 1920, 14.

"Marchers Besiege Downing Street." Sunday Times, 28 March 1999. …