Department of Education Widening Probe on Alleged Cheating in NAT

Article excerpt

MANILA, Philippines -- The Department of Education is widening its probe on alleged cheating in the conduct of the National Achievement Test (NAT) and has called on people aware of leakage of test questions to report this to DepEd.

DepEd officials began its investigation after the first reported case of leakage of NAT test questions in Pangasinan schools held on March 14.

The NAT is conducted as part of DepEd's annual effort to assess the level of competencies of elementary students in core subjects and is also seen as measure of how well schools are teaching students.

The DepEd "culprits in NAT cheating are in hot water" as investigations are conducted.

In an official statement, DepEd said that "six erring school officials in Region 1 have already been suspended on the alleged leakage."

DepEd officials are also waiting for reports from the schools to have allegedly committed the cheatings.

"We do not tolerate dishonesty in our ranks," said DepEd Undersecretary Alberto Muyot. "Such acts build the wrong character in our students," he added.

Meanwhile, DepEd Region 1 Director Ligaya Miguel issued on order on March 21 which said "five school officials from different elementary schools and a district official are now under preventive suspension after a formal charge was filed by that office. …