Improved Quality of Education in Philippine Schools

Article excerpt

MANILA, Philippines - The improved quality of education in Philippine schools continues to attract foreign enrollees. In school year 2010-2011, over 19,000 foreigners enrolled in various colleges and universities for various courses nationwide. South Koreans topped the list with 6,000, followed by the Chinese, Iranians, and Americans.

Others were Indonesians, Indians, Taiwanese, Kuwaitis, Nepalese, Thais, Sudanese, Vietnamese, Nigerians, Ken-yans, Japanese, Pakistanis, Timorese, and those from Myanmar.

The number of foreign enrollees increases each school year, indicating a growing confidence in the country's educational system. College students reportedly choose to study here largely due to the standard of teaching, good curriculum, and skillful teachers. They do not find it hard to assimilate with Filipinos, who are known for their warmth and hospitality, and easily adapt to the country's culture and norms. In many campuses, it is not uncommon to see Filipino and foreign students together in many activities. The Philippines is an English-speaking nation, and this augurs well for students who wish to learn and speak the language. …