No Deals with Liverpool, Declares England Manager

Article excerpt

Byline: Simon Stone

FABIO CAPELLO insists there have been no deals with Liverpool over how long Andy Carroll will play for in tonight's friendly with Ghana.

Reds boss Kenny Dalglish hinted that he would prefer his pounds 35million striker not to be involved at all before Capello unveiled his latest squad but reluctantly accepted there was nothing he could do to prevent Carroll being called up.

In fact, Capello reinforced the belief Carroll was not fully fit after his recent thigh problem as he explained why the 22-year-old was not picked for Saturday's Euro 2012 qualifying win over Wales in Cardiff.

However, the England boss feels Carroll is capable of starting a friendly.

And he insists there has been no pressure applied to limit the number of minutes the Liverpool striker's second cap lasts for.

"Absolutely no-one has rung me and we have not spoken with Liverpool," said Capello.

"He needs to play. Liverpool will be happy for him to play.

"It is a friendly and he can play up to half-time, or more.

"For this reason, the game is important for him and for me."

Capello has already expressed high hopes for Carroll, although he does feel it could be another month before he returns to the form that earned him an international debut against France in November, when he was one of the few players to catch the eye.

In addition the England chief has already had a chat to emphasise the increased publicity that comes with wearing the Three Lions, although he is adamant Carroll's off-field habits are not beyond redemption.

"Not only Andy likes to drink beer," he said.

"He needs to improve, to drink less.

"I spoke with him, in private. He is really young and his behaviour now is important. "He needs to be careful at every moment because when you play with the England national team you are the focus of the fans, the newspapers, the photographers, the people that live around him.

"Andy is not fit like he was in November.

"He is big, so he needs more games, three or four, minimum, to return to being the same player.

"But he is really good in the air and the movement when he receives the ball is excellent. He is strong too, a very good player."

Capello made the point that the same conversations with fellow rookie Jack Wilshere are not required due to Arsene Wenger's vast experience. …