Defective Hip Replacement Products; ADVERTISING FEATURE

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PRYERS Solicitors now represent more than 100 patients in compensation claims against DePuy International Ltd in respect of the ASR hip components.

Some people received the joint in total hip replacement surgery and some in hip resurfacing. Many patients in the Cardiff area were fitted with ASRs from 2003 to 2010.

As some studies showed that it had a failure rate of 12-13% within five years, much higher than expected, DePuy withdrew the joint from the market in August 2010 and guidance has been issued by DePuy and also by the British Hip Society as to what investigations should be carried out to determine whether a particular patient''s joint has failed or not.

If the joint has failed, revision surgery will be required, which tends to be more difficult and carries higher risks of complications. Often, a revised hip will not work as well or last as long as a first hip replacement or resurfacing, meaning that the effects of the joint failure will sometimes be life-long.

Pryers are working with some of the world''s leading experts in orthopaedic surgery, component design, the study of bearing surfaces and toxicology. …