Interview: Deval Patrick

Article excerpt

Byline: Samuel P. Jacobs

The Massachusetts governor talks about political bullies and his role in the upcoming Obama campaign.

President Obama just announced his reelection campaign. How will he win? I think he is going to win by talking to the American people as adults, which is not something they get from a lot of the other would-be candidates.

In your new memoir, you write about your wife Diane's depression following your election in 2006. She checked herself into a psychiatric hospital, and you offered to quit your job. Why didn't you resign? Diane is the person who said, "No, we should finish what we started." It is a good thing that she didn't run for governor because I'd be toast.

You're headed to Wisconsin, where Gov. Scott Walker has challenged the unions. What do you make of him and this new crop of Republican governors? They are political bullies. That's nothing new.

Is Massachusetts's health-care plan, the model for national reform, working? We have over 98 percent of our residents with health insurance today. There is no other state in America that can touch that. …