'Hi-Tech Businesses Failing to Exploit Their Valuable Intellectual Property'

Article excerpt

HI-TECH businesses are failing to exploit the full value of their intellectual property (IP), new research shows.

According to patent attorney firm Gill Jennings & Every (GJE) and business innovation consultancy firm Codexx, businesses are potentially missing out on significant revenue streams as a result.

The study, Innovation Journey for Technology Rich Product businesses, reveals that while the vast majority of hi-tech companies say they appreciate the importance of IP and take steps to protect their innovations, fewer than one in five (16%) believe that it is important to generate an income by licensing their IP to others.

Indeed the majority of hitech businesses place non-revenue generating benefits, such as limiting new competitors (48%), restriction of competitors' movement (64%) and increasing company value (60%), well ahead of making money directly from their IP.

GJE believes that many businesses are losing out on significant revenue from their IP, because most global markets are too big for any one company to dominate completely.

Licensing out the IP to companies who can generate revenues on the IP owner's behalf, but who are not in direct competition or are in different countries, can therefore be an important and practical revenue generator. …