The Stuttering Foundation Salutes the King's Speech

Article excerpt

"The King's Speech has truly given a voice to the voiceless, hope to those who had none, and courage to those who struggle daily to be heard," said Stuttering Foundation President Jane Fraser.

"By enlightening the public to the challenges that people who stutter face, The King's Speech has raised awareness to a level never before seen and won the heartfelt support of the 68 million people who stutter worldwide.

"This movie is far more than just entertainment to people who stutter," Fraser added. "Our world has truly been turned upside down.

"Since its debut, the movie has given us a platform to talk openly and honestly about this complex and misunderstood disorder. When teenagers begin to say, 'it's cool to stutter,' we know that the stereotypes are going out of style!

"For people who stutter, The King's Speech brings a once-in-a-life-time opportunity to be heard. People who stutter can hold their heads high. This is the movie's greatest accomplishment."

Source: PR Newswire 2/25/11

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