Your News Re-Enactor Finds Benjamin Franklin a Good Fit

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Byline: Submitted by Mount Prospect Historical Society

Terry Kutz is a man divided. On weekdays he is a financial planner, who never misses the Monday morning team meeting. But on spring and summer weekends, he sets aside his computer and spread sheets for something more low-tech but equally challenging.

He portrays founding father Benjamin Franklin as part of an American Revolutionary War re-enactment group. Kutz as Franklin will be attending the Colony & Crown Revolutionary War Re-enactment in Mount Prospect on Saturday, May 14, and Sunday, May 15, in Lions Park, 411 S. Maple Street.

Benjamin Franklin became his alter ego by chance about six years ago during a re-enactment at Cantigny in Wheaton. He was a historic re-enactor portraying a rifleman and was asked by an organizer if he would portray Benjamin Franklin the next day. He received compliments on his performance and decided that it was time to hang up his rifle and become Franklin. As Franklin, he works to "entertain, educate and improve understanding of what went on at that time."

The time period Kutz focuses on with Franklin is September and October 1776. "This is a time before he leaves for France.It was the latest time he was in America during the war.Wherever we are doing a re-enactment I explain that I am here settling my affairs in this area before traveling to France," he says."I also question visitors, especially the children to see if they support the colonies or the King.I warn them that the British want to know my travel plans so they can intercept my ship and throw me into prison in London. …