A&E Nurse under Investigation after 'Euthanasia' Rant on Facebook

Article excerpt

Byline: Helen Hunt

A NURSE is under investigation after remarks on her Facebook page allegedly promoted legally killing "gingers", the elderly and those with bad toenails.

The social networking site of Kelsey Anne Adderton advocated introducing euthanasia - medically assisted death - to cure society's problems in a page-long manifesto.

The A&E nurse's page also included an image of Hitler, although it was quick to point out Ms Adderton, from Larchdale Close, Whitby, Ellesmere Port, was not a Nazi.

It is unclear whether the author intended the comments as a private joke between Facebook friends. ldp FOR Sport Business on your phone But one person who saw the posting said: "I haven't got a clue whether it was meant or not. But, if it was a bit of a laugh, it should have been kept between who ever it was meant to be shared with rather than a public website."

Ms Adderton's bosses at the Countess of Chester Hospital have now referred the case to the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).

It is also believed, after being told about the Facebook page, the Trust gave Ms Adderton an 18-month final written warning which means she will be dismissed if she does anything wrong in that period.

It is understood the Facebook posting was made last autumn and the Trust referred the case to the NMC for further investigation in January.

The Facebook post begins by saying the author has had a revelation about the answers to the country's problems. It reads: "Forget debate, conferences and opinion polls. What this country needs is simple and two Bills of Parliament cover it all. …