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The CE quiz in ABA Bank Marketing magazines provide up to 10 continuing education credits per year to Certified Financial Marketing Professional (CFMPs). Each quiz consists of 10 questions taken directly from the articles in each issue and have been pre-approved by the ICB for 1.0 credit per quiz. You must correctly answer seven out of the 10 questions to receive the credit.

To take the quiz, please go to, login, and click on "Continuing Education Quizzes (ABA Magazine)" located on the left-hand side of the page. Once you have completed the quiz, you will receive immediate notification of the results, which can be printed and saved for your records. Quiz credits are automatically uploaded to your record and will show under "My Continuing Education Credits" within 48 hours. If you have any questions, contact ICB's Continuing Education Manager at

Cultivating Profit in a Low-Rate World

By Mary Beth Sullivan

Avoiding the Blog Bog

By Walt Albro

1. Going forward, bank profitability will depend on a bank's ability to:

a. Earn premiums on its products and services.

b. Offer the lowest rate on deposits.

c. Give the best customer service.

d. Offer the most innovative new products and services.

2. The best way to differentiate your bank in the future will be through:

a. Video advertising.

b. Advanced technology.

c. Customer experience.

d. A sales culture.

3. The bank unit that should have primary responsibility for customer experience management is:

a. Senior management.

b. Everyone.

c. Marketing.

d. Frontline staff.

First Mover: A R.I. Bank Offers Mobile Business Banking

By Prabhat Vira

4. All of the following are the benefits that Citizens Bank believes it receives from mobile business banking EXCEPT that it:

a. Increases the stickiness of the bank's relationship with commercial customers.

b. Demonstrates to commercial customers that the bank listens to them.

c. Facilitates technically the ability to accumulate deposits quickly. …