'Cuts Are Hitting Crucial Mental Health Orders' Patients Are at Risk of Relapses Claims Lawyer

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patients with a history of multiple admissions to hospital due to not taking their prescribed medication.

"It is well established that each further relapse for patients diagnosed with serious mental disorders involves a much longer period of detention to stabilise them.

"It is my opinion that the cost of implementing CTOs and maintaining patients on them is becoming a greater consideration of PCTs than the welfare of those patients."

Nant Conwy MP Elfyn Llwyd said he had heard similar stories in other parts the UK and would raise the issue in parliament.

A BCUHB spokesman said: "Contrary to Ms Hughes' statement, the health board fully supports Mental Health Community Treatment Orders where appropriate and currently has 68 clients on CTOs throughout North Wales."

Chief Executive of mental health support charity Hafal Bill Walden-Jones said: "Any use of the Mental Health Act should be based on the patient's best interests, not cost. However, Hafal's members would not want to see a change of policy which led to more CTOs being imposed except to the extent that patients support the use of CTOs where they are used instead of continued detention in hospital because they are a lesser form of compulsion.

"In that case costs would actually be reduced."

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