Beheading Man's Life of Luxury and Drugs

Article excerpt

Byline: From Tom Kelly in Ruse, Bulgaria and Tamara Cohen in Tenerife

THE man who beheaded a British grandmother in Tenerife is the son of a millionaire former communist agent.

Deyan Deyanov, 28, grew up in luxury and worked as a property broker before his life was ravaged by cannabis, cocaine and heroin.

His drug abuse also caused the breakdown of his relationship with the mother of his three-year-old daughter.

It also emerged that Spanish police had described him as a danger to the public three months before he beheaded Jennifer Mills-Westley in a Tenerife shop last week.

Yesterday friends described how the intelligent and bright schoolboy 'threw his life away' with drugs.

His father, Valentin, was a well-placed member of Bulgaria's communist party and ran a factory in the northern town of Ruse. When communism collapsed in 1989, he continued to do well, using his old party contacts to buy a lucrative transport company.

Deyanov's childhood friend Nikolay Lambajiev said: 'His family had everything.

They owned two large apartments and had several expensive foreign cars. He lived a life of luxury and had almost everything he asked for.' But his ex-girlfriend Dessislava Kosseva said his father's business collapsed in the late Nineties. She said: 'The family lost both homes and the parents divorced.' Deyanov began to go off the rails, dropping out of school and using cannabis, said Miss Kosseva, 27.

Despite his problems, he pulled his life around and worked as a property broker. …