Hunter Fined for Killing Swan He Mistook for Goose

Article excerpt

Byline: Chris Brooke

A COMPANY director was fined yesterday for shooting a swan he thought was a goose.

Spotting four birds in the sky during a shoot, Simon Quince fired both barrels of his shotgun and one of the creatures fell to the ground.

Quince, 36, quickly realised he had made a mistake and shot a juvenile mute swan - which is protected by law.

The severely injured bird was taken to a vet but had to be put down.

At Harrogate Magistrates' Court yesterday, Quince admitted causing criminal damage to a swan.

He also made legal history by becoming the first person in the UK to be prosecuted for using banned lead shot on a bird.

Father of two Quince, of Barnsley, was fined [pounds sterling]445 for shooting the swan and [pounds sterling]100 for using lead shot. He was also ordered to pay [pounds sterling]100 costs.

The director of an electrical firm was one of nine guns on a shoot at Minskip, near Knaresborough, North Yorkshire, last December when the incident happened.

Geoff Rogers, defending, said Quince was embarrassed and regretted what had happened. …