Islam's Big Cover-Up; LETTERS

Article excerpt

SHOHANA KHAN is right when she says female beauty is put on a pedestal (Letters). It's true that women are often used as commodities to sell products and make money.

But Islam has over-reacted to this by taking a stance which is no better.

It may be true, as Muslims believe, that Western society treats women as sexual objects, but Islam looks upon men as sexual predators.

If this isn't true, why do Muslim women cover all their flesh -- in some cases even the face? When worshippers go for their devotions to the mosque, women can't pray in front of men or alongside them in case the men are distracted from their prayers.

Islam targets not only the elevation of women but also a lack of self-control in men. Look at the separation of men and women in a swimming pool. There seems to be a lot of unfounded suspicion and insecurity behind these views.

CLIFF KENT, West Wickham, Kent.

I TRUST Shohana Khan realises that she enjoys the luxury of expressing her point of view in print only because she resides in a sexually liberated country.

As for the concept of 'beauty', no society, Eastern or Western, is immune to its allure. But where overt sexuality offends, exercise the right to freedom of choice. Don't buy the product.

DENISE SAUNDERS, Leighton Buzzard, Beds. …