5 the Best ... Glucose Monitors

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MANY diabetics use electronic monitors at home to check blood glucose levels. Here, MARION COPLEY, who runs screening services at BMI Healthcare, chooses five of the best.

Boots Blood Glucose Monitoring System

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ALL these devices work in a similar way. You put a test strip into the device, then use the separate finger-pricker to draw a small amount of blood -- this goes on to the end of the strip and the monitor gives a result. The large display would suit those with sight problems. It provided an accurate result when compared with the machine we use in the clinic.



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BIGGER than some, but easy to handle and produced a quick result. A big plus is the finger-pricker doesn't need changing every time, as it comes with ten needles preloaded into a drum. With other models, you run the risk of pricking yourself with the needle when changing it. Suits those with sight or dexterity problems.


FreeStyle Lite Glucose Monitoring System

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