Dear Mummy and Daddy, I Hate Myself

Article excerpt


BOB DOWLER burst into tears as a letter in which his tormented daughter talks about taking her own life was read in court. In the note, found in her bedroom, Milly says how she 'hates' herself.

'Dear Daddy and my beautiful Mummy, by the time you find this letter I will be gone, up there or down below you.

'I have always been that way, below other people.

'I am sorry, you deserve a better daughter, so I have left. If anything, you should be happy now, you can concentrate on lovely Gemsy [her sister], without me getting in the way.

'You should have had an abortion or at least had me adopted, then at least I would not have made your life hell as well. I think it would be best if you try and forget me.

'It's nothing you have done. I just feel I had to go. Please don't let any harm get to any of you. Mum and dad, please look after Gemma. I am sorry but goodbye.

'Lots of love, as always, your little disappointment, Amanda.'

Police also found a page from another document in a draw in Milly's room in which she says her friend Jess had helped her through the 'whole dad thing'.

Her father accepted it was almost certainly a reference to his daughter finding one of his pornographic magazines. …