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Byline: Jennifer Harper, THE WASHINGTON TIMES


It's been five long years since An Inconvenient Truth was released. Al Gore 's alarmist docu-drama about climate change ultimately earned the former vice president a reported $50 million and turned him into a movie star of sorts, with multiple speaking engagements and a fawning press. How fawning?

An astonishing 98 percent of broadcast news coverage about Mr. Gore failed to challenge any of the scientific claims about climate in the film, this according to an analysis of 272 network stories by the Media Research Center's Business & Media Institute. More than 80 percent of the accounts excluded any criticism of the movie or its maker. The complete findings, deemed science fiction, can be found at www.mrc.org.bmi.

Al Gore for president, vice president, czar? His success with 'An Inconvenient Truth' was used by all three networks to push him to run for president again or accept a position within the Obama administration, says analyst Julia Seymour . Mr. Gore is certainly a passionate activist, but he isn't a scientist. The networks shouldn't take his interpretation of global-warming science as truth. Rather, they should be skeptical because of his very real political agenda.


Could Rep. Michele Bachmann utter those famous words, Yes, I'm running for president in the next 24 hours? Could be. She's going to Iowa. The Minnesota Republican and proverbial tea party darling is the keynote speaker at a Polk County Republican Party dinner on Thursday night, right there in good ol' Des Moines - priced at a whopping $75 a plate.

With rumors that Michele Bachmann intends to announce her candidacy for the Republican nomination for the presidency at the event, tickets are selling briskly, the practical Iowans advise, calling the soiree a potentially historic dinner.


And he's gone to his home turf to do it. Three Georgia conservatives have signed on to help propel Newt Gingrich's campaign for president through the perilous election terrain. Former Gov. Sonny Perdue and former Sen. Zell Miller will serve as national chairmen for Newt 2012; Gov. Nathan Deal will chair Newt 2012 within the Peach State. A cordial Mr. Gingrich describes his new power triumvirate as good friends with good counsel, among other things.

We need a leader who has proven [he] can make big things happen. You don't do big things by being a wall flower, observes Mr. Miller of Mr. Gingrich, who plans to be shaking hands and kissing babies in Derry and Manchester, N.H. on Wednesday

There is a lot going on in Washington that can be done a lot better if left to the states, Mr. Deal adds. Newt understands the role the federal government should and shouldn't be playing in our lives.


Jesse Lee will move from the new media department into a role in the communications department as Director of Progressive Media & Online Response. …