Faithfull Flock to Marianne; REVIEW

Article excerpt


MARIANNE FAITHFULL The Assembly, Leamington Spa THEY say that if you remember the Sixties, you weren't there. In the case of Marianne Faithfull, she's almost certainly forgotten more than the rest of us will ever know.

Rock chick, girlfriend of Mick Jagger, confidante of the Rolling Stones, a police raid on Keith Richards' house found her wearing only a fur rug.

Such stories have sealed her place in the folklore of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll.

Her performance at The Assembly in Leamington was part rock icon, part drinkravaged auntie let loose on the karaoke. Hampered by a heavy cold that turned her voice from gravel to hardcore, she coughed her way through the first songs.

At 64, she has, unlike Jagger, lost the waif-like figure of youth and only when she throws back her head and laughs do we recognise the wild child of the Sixties.

Gradually she seemed to find her stride as she left behind her new Horses and High Heels album and dug into her past.

As she spoke of sitting in a garden listening to Keith Richards and Gram Parsons playing Sing Me Back Home, were reminded that this old lady has lived, from the highs of the Swinging Sixties to down-and-out in the Seventies. …