New Faucet Has Man Up against the Wall

Article excerpt

Q. I can use some advice from a pro since I think I got in way over my head on this one. I promised my wife I would remove our old beat-up vanity, sink and faucet. Since I'm a pretty good handyman, I promised her that she can pick out all the new fixtures with no questions asked. She wants a very nice vanity-and-sink combo, with a wall-hung faucet. Where do I start?

I have no experience with wall-mounted faucets. Any information and/or suggestions would be helpful.

A. You might want to start by taking your wife out for a nice dinner and gently explain to her that when you said pick out "any faucet" for the new sink, you were talking about any deck-mounted faucet (a standard sink-mounted installation).

If that works, you're all set. But if she holds you to your word, you might want to read on.

A wall-mounted faucet is just that -- it's installed directly into the wall. They usually come in one- or two-handle configurations, with an extra-long spout. Such faucets make a dramatic statement and are considered to be a high-end fixture.

These faucets are usually found on vessel or under-mounted sinks. …